AW x FIRST COAT – Day 02

Annnnddd...that's a wrap! We had a total blast finishing off our piece at First Coat yesterday and wandering around enjoying all the finished (and almost-finished) creations from the other artists. 

We woke to a beautiful morning in Towoomba, with mist rising off each and every surface we could see. This posed a small problem when we arrived at our wall – it was...well, a bit wet. Luckily we'd stocked up on towels so were able to dry it off and get to work on our paste up elements right away. 

AW x FIRST COAT – Day 01

Have you heard of First Coat? Well, if you live in QLD and haven't you're in for a treat.

First Coat was born in Towoomba 4 years ago, and is a creative initiative aiming to increase the accessibility of arts and culture culture through the transformation of public spaces. It's all about community, conversation and exploring the role public art can play in urban development.

We are stoked to be painting at the event this year – contributing a bold piece in the heart of Towoomba's CBD alongside some other amazing artists.

Our 2017 showreel is now released!

Introducing our brand new, shiny, action-filled showreel for 2017.

Created by our very talented creative director and lead photographer Claudio, this showreel is a small snippet of some of our proudest moments to date.

Featuring a range of projects including our latest photography for Bleach* Festival, Black Sheep Cycling, Epokhe and Marloe Swinwear along with new mural work, video for Yeah Girl 2017, branding for startup Do It Again and established restaurant Justin Lane. Plus lots more thrown in the mix for good measure.

Enjoy, share and we hope this video inspires you to make creativity work for your business in 2017.

Behind the scenes with Start Up Creative

Start Up Creative is a GC based business incubator, magazine, online course and professional development and mentoring program tailored specifically for young people. 

We were lucky enough to style and photograph Start Up Creative's latest cover – which also happened to be their 1st birthday issue.

Leveraging the one-off opportunity to create something around the birthday event, AW pitched the concept of a messy party aftermath scene. The concept was inspired by celebration (of course), but also had themes linked to the magazine such as smashing your goals, passion and excitement.

We experimented with several concepts including this one...

...but decided on the following images to present to Start Up Creative for selection...

And here's some regrams from @startupcreative of the final cover.