CHOOSE STILL LIFE is a collaboration between Art-Work Agency and Fast Proof Press, printed on K.W.Doggett Fine Paper.

Each year Fast Proof Press develops a calendar filled with artworks, specialty papers and unique finishes, designed to be shared with clients and collaborators. These calendars become not only a collection of beautiful artworks, but a valuable resource of the latest and greatest print techniques.

At the end of 2016 Fast Proof Press hit up Art-Work to collaborate on this annual project. Art? Fancy paper? Special finishes? It’s a creative dream – how could we say no?

Our response was to express the 'Anatomy of Ideas' (aka the creative process) through the medium of still life photography.

Throughout 2017 we will share these images with you, along with a few brief words on the meaning of the image to us personally and professionally.

We hope that this inaugural edition of CHOOSE STILL LIFE ‘The Anatomy of Ideas’ will be a source of inspiration and insight into the creative world for you throughout 2017. 

January’s image – Reflecting on ideas


As we come to the end of the first month of 2017 we find ourselves reflecting on the epic year that was 2016. While you can’t start writing a new chapter when you’re re-reading an old one, we feel that taking time throughout this month to reflect is super important. It allows us to recognise what we did well and ways we can be better, and to bring these learnings into the new year with us.

Ultimately, reflection helps us translate experiences into insight.

Sometimes reflection happens naturally, much like ideas can. But often we need a little more help to reflect mindfully, so applying structure to your reflective process can help. Many resources suggest asking yourself four simple questions each day – morning and night – to trigger the process of reflection.

Reflection, as it is in life and business, is an integral part of any creative project – for both the client and the practitioner. Giving ideas time to develop, expand, shift and solidify is vital in reaching considered outcomes, both conceptually and technically.

Therefore, we realise the importance of working in collaboration with our clients to develop timeframes that allow both parties the opportunity to reflect. For example, a job quoted for, say, 16 hours will ideally take us longer than just two eight hour days to complete. This is because we will work on the project in smaller blocks over, for example, a week. This allows us time to reflect on what we are doing, and in turn develop the best outcome. Stepping away allows us to see the cracks and develop solutions to ‘fill them in’ – the difference between “churn and burn” and a considered solution.

The same principle applies to the client review process. We ensure our review timeframes factor in enough time for you to view and understand the work, but also time to reflect and ensure it’s exactly what your business needs.

Before January is out we encourage you to take some time out – even just 10 minutes – to reflect on 2016’s experiences and translate them into insights – insights you can use to power your next project, month and year ahead.