AW x FIRST COAT – Day 02

Annnnddd...that's a wrap! We had a total blast finishing off our piece at First Coat yesterday and wandering around enjoying all the finished (and almost-finished) creations from the other artists. 

We woke to a beautiful morning in Towoomba, with mist rising off each and every surface we could see. This posed a small problem when we arrived at our wall – it was...well, a bit wet. Luckily we'd stocked up on towels so were able to dry it off and get to work on our paste up elements right away. 

After adding some finishing details, we took a break, allowing the mural to dry before sealing it off with a protective clear coat. We wandered the CBD, checking out some of the other amazing works going up including pieces by Lauren Hom (Hom Sweet Hom), Ghostpatrol, Otis Hope Carey and our neighbouring artists in Bank Lane, Brett Piva (Pocket Design) and Alysa Mae.

After a clear coat to seal off the mural (in particular our paste up elements) we set to work documenting the finished product before heading home to the GC.

The outcome (keep scrollin''s there!) is a vibrant mixed media mural, telling tales of our past travels and sharing anticipation for upcoming adventures. As the lead artist on the project, Claudio Kirac led the collage composition, using elements from 35mm film photographs shot by the three artists. The final piece is an abstract representation of travel, creativity and above all, friendship.

A massive thank you to Grace from First Coat for having us on board, the people of Towoomba who were all so welcoming and the other artists for creating such a warm, supportive atmosphere over the weekend.