May's image – Creative Block

We've all heard the saying before – "change is as good as a holiday". After a change of scenery this weekend, getting away from the computer and into a different setting, the Art-Work team is in agreeance about the meaning of this adage.

After a particularly busy start to May, it's safe to say we were staring to feel a little burnt out. Despite this, we took on another venture – painting at First Coat festival. In the week leading up to the event there were many late night conversations and frantic trips to the printer (and Bunnings!) organising all the details that go into painting a mural successfully and smoothly.

PS: You can read about our First Coat Toowoomba advenutre and check out our finished mural:

So despite feeling pretty run down and creatively drained, we approached the weekend with a positive attitude, looking forward to the change of scenery – hoping we would return feeling energised, excited for the weeks ahead and bursting with creative inspiration. And boy, did it do the trick! It's safe to say that a change is in fact as good as a holiday and a great strategy to use when trying to overcome creative block.

Next time you're feeling stuck, consider that getting ideas flowing could be as simple as putting yourself into a new setting. Hopefully you'll come out the other side feeling as inspired as we are right now.