The Reveal Exhibition Branding

City of Gold Coast and Arts Centre Gold Coast approached Art-Work Agency seeking a dynamic brand identity for their upcoming exhibition “The Reveal”.

"The Reveal” exhibition was the first step towards sharing with the public the vision and designs short listed for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct Design Competition.

The brief was to create a fresh, youthful and dynamic identity for the brand without using any images from the actual design competition.

The outcome was a dynamic brand identity based around the concept of transformation. The graphic language expresses this notion through a combination of typography, colour and imagery.

Drawing on notions of before and after, past and future, the identity creates a sense of hope and anticipation for the viewer through natural transformations and evolution, an abstract and artistic articulation of the concept.


Dynamic image treatments and clean typography create energetic designs, forming a sense of change, transformation and a vibrant future.


Cultural Precinct Design Competition

Following the opening of The Reveal, Art-Work Agency was commissioned to develop a 32 page booklet documenting the process of the design competition and each of its stages. The brief was to follow suit from the typographic styles developed in "The Reveal" branding, but to bring a more corporate angle to the document.

The outcome was an engaging document with gatefold spreads laced throughout to showcase the full impact of each finalist in the competition and their short-listed designs.


The final stage of the project was to roll out the look and feel into signage and also a travelling exhibition. Elements from the catalogue were translated into environmental graphics for the exhibition space.