Creative direction

Bleach* Festival has been running since 2012 on the Gold Coast. Starting out as a Connecting Southern Gold Coast initiative, the festival came about to celebrate art and inject life into the local businesses.

Festival director Louise Bezzina has taken the festival from strength to strength. Initially centred around the southern end of the coast, the festival now features satellite events across the whole city.

Art-Work Agency has been privileged to work with Bleach* since its inception in 2012 providing services in the art, design and photography spaces – starting with the logo.

Art-Work developed the iconic Bleach* logo. Using bold, clean typography we developed a mark strong enough to stand the test of time and simple enough to fit into the ever-changing festival graphic language. 

The asterisk in Bleach* represents ‘something more’. We wanted to communicate the idea that there is more to the Gold Coast than sun, sand and surf. 

Logo design, Claudio Kirac by Art-Work Agency, Graphic Design Gold Coast

The 2012 creative direction was inspired by the long history, present state and future of surfing. Imagery formed the basis of the graphic language featuring the ocean and coastline. We took inspiration from what the Gold Coast was ‘back in the day’. Traditional surfing posters and surf culture played a major influence in the production of the 2012 Bleach* artwork.


Bleach* through the years

Throughout the years Art-Work has provided creative direction on the look and feel for the Bleach* brand. In 2012 and 2013 we developed a suite of graphical elements that were rolled out by R'n'B Creative across a range of collateral.


Creative direction and photography 2013

This year saw a slight shift away from the festival's surf focus. To reflect this we took inspiration from a variety of aspects of the ocean (not just surfing), but in particular the simple graphics that appear on nautical flags. This flexible suite of graphics was integrated with photography (featured below) to create a fresh look for 2013.

Where surf meets art, fashion and music
In 2013 Bleach* commissioned us to develop a series of images to promote the progression of Bleach* from a surf-focussed festival to a cultural one. The images capture notions of art, fashion and music. Supporting imagery was also captured to show quintessential Gold Coast scenes.  


Photography 2015

Ants by Polyglot Theatre
Leaving no stone unturned, the human-size Ants from Polyglot Theatre invaded the Gold Coast during Bleach* Festival. We worked with  the festival and theatre to capture fun, out of the ordinary imagery to promote the performances. 

TIDE by The Farm
TIDE was a performance like no other featuring two competitive men and their open air office, carrying out their everyday work activities at the mercy of the tide. Stranded on a sandbar in Currumbin Creek, the pair tested their ‘office skills’ in a 48 hour marathon of improvisation. We captured the essence of the performance to promote the headline event.

The future

Art-Work continues to be involved with Bleach*. In 2015 we undertook a public art project commissioned by the festival titled "Home Sweet Home". You can see it here. In 2016 we assisted Sarah Huston's Yeah Girl project, undertaking event support and developing a short video to commemorate it. 

Let's see what 2017 holds!