April's image – Positive Impact

When I first sat down to write about design and positive impact, I thought to myself – “this is a mammoth task. There’s no way I can summarise all the ways design has positive impact in a single blog post.” Then while washing the dishes (that’s when all ideas happen, right?), I realised the solution was simple – to write about one of our clients who is using design to create a positive impact.


We recently wrapped up a collaboration with The Undercurrent, a new Gold Coast label striving to create positive impact within the community. Born from a desire to flaunt the Gold Coast through the eyes of its locals, The Undercurrent has launched a range of “not-so-tacky” souvenirs designed in collaboration with local artists and designers.

We love this business model – not only does it allow local creatives paid opportunities for exposure, it also contributes to helping shape external perspectives of the Gold Coast into something more positive, more accurate and ultimately, more desirable.

The positive impact of a label like The Undercurrent doesn’t stop there. For every t-shirt sold, the buyer is also supporting Surf Life Saving Queensland, with a percentage of profits shared with the not-for-profit.

So, not only does The Undercurrent create paid opportunities for local artists and enhance the Gold Coast’s reputation, it will also leave an enduring legacy through their support of their chosen not-for-profit.

Isn't it amazing that all of this goodness can be achieved from something as simple as a collection of well-designed t-shirts and a considered strategy?

March's image – 'Fresh Ideas'

This month’s image is titled ‘Fresh Ideas’ and is all about the joy (and challenge) of living a creative life – a life whereby one must constantly find new and engaging ways to answer a brief, express a concept and ultimately, stand out.

We’ve spoken to three of our Art-Work Agency creative collaborators – a graphic/digital designer, stylist/designer and a photographer  – to share some tips on generating fresh ideas in a world where it can sometimes feel like everything has already been done.

February's image – 'The Pitch'

For the team here at Art-Work, ‘The Pitch’ is about putting your business, your ideas and often, as a creative, your heart on the line.

This month’s calendar image is a visual expression of ‘The Pitch’ as seen through our eyes.

The pitch happens continuously throughout any professional relationship. Firstly, you need an elevator pitch to get through the door. Then, you need successfully to pitch ideas. Finally, you need to pitch an effective implementation of those ideas. And after that, the circle continues all over again with the next project!

We thought (seeing as we are a creative agency who specialise in branding and all) that we would provide some practical tips on the concept of ‘The Pitch’ that you can use to start building or strengthening your brand today.

Let’s talk about the elevator pitch.

Our 2017 showreel is now released!

Introducing our brand new, shiny, action-filled showreel for 2017.

Created by our very talented creative director and lead photographer Claudio, this showreel is a small snippet of some of our proudest moments to date.

Featuring a range of projects including our latest photography for Bleach* Festival, Black Sheep Cycling, Epokhe and Marloe Swinwear along with new mural work, video for Yeah Girl 2017, branding for startup Do It Again and established restaurant Justin Lane. Plus lots more thrown in the mix for good measure.

Enjoy, share and we hope this video inspires you to make creativity work for your business in 2017.



As we come to the end of the first month of 2017 we find ourselves reflecting on the epic year that was 2016. While you can’t start writing a new chapter when you’re re-reading an old one, we feel that taking time throughout this month to reflect is super important. It allows us to recognise what we did well and ways we can be better, and to bring these learnings into new year with us.

Ultimately, reflection helps us translate experiences into insight.

Behind the scenes with Start Up Creative

Start Up Creative is a GC based business incubator, magazine, online course and professional development and mentoring program tailored specifically for young people. 

We were lucky enough to style and photograph Start Up Creative's latest cover – which also happened to be their 1st birthday issue.

Leveraging the one-off opportunity to create something around the birthday event, AW pitched the concept of a messy party aftermath scene. The concept was inspired by celebration (of course), but also had themes linked to the magazine such as smashing your goals, passion and excitement.

We experimented with several concepts including this one...

...but decided on the following images to present to Start Up Creative for selection...

And here's some regrams from @startupcreative of the final cover. 

Capturing still life for EPOKHE Eyewear

There is a certain art to capturing product and still life photography – that balance between capturing the subject in a real, honest light while crafting an image that creates intrigue and impact.

We've been working with EPOKHE in the consultation space for a while now, but have recently started to collaborate with the crew for photography projects, too.

These mini-shoots have been awesome chance for our creative director, Claudio to work with our assistant photographer and stylist, Tamika Keioskie, to bring to life EPOKHE's vision. 

Inspired by the contrast of raw, earthy tones and bright pop colours, teamed with clean geometric lines, we set work to create a a series of images for several of EPOKHE's latest sunglasses styles. 

A personal favourite would have to be the shots produced for the 'Imogene' style. Our aim here was to communicate a more feminine edge of the EPOKHE brand, while still maintaining their clean-cut aesthetic. 

And of course, no photoshoot would be complete without one of our furry companions making an appearance. 

Check out some other shots for EPOKHE and read our case study on our work with them.